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Nowhere in Particular


Hello stranger, my name is Liv, I'm a girl (hahahaha really?) who likes pink (och so stereotypical =.=") and likes to argue with myself (O_o weird.....) Well I guess I love fandoms corz it gives you a break from reality, most of the time I fangirl over JE (kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!~ XD) If you haven't already guessed, I'm a Ryo(chan!) fan ^^" Other than JE I LOVE Harry Potter (the series not the character or Daniel Radcliffe), Evanescence, NewS (hehehe other than JE ehh?), DeviantART, maths (yes I know I'm weird), pink (the colour), and NewS (:D) Though I suck so bad at drawing I love playing around with Photoshop. This will sound weird, but I can't use paint >.< I can use photoshop but I can't use paint for my life.

I find the fact that I have a growing respect for Japanese culture even thought I'm totally against whaling ("for scientific research") and Japan seems to whale a lot >.< I hate spiders. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate them. It's because my kindi teacher drilled the fact that spiders bite into me, and I don't like things that bite T^T I'm an incredulously boring person (my life consists of my computer, maths, chinese soft flour cakes and the floor) so go read someone else's journal ;)

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